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As part of my architectural design course for my bachelor’s degree, I collaborated with Arch. Enrica Saglia and Arch. Manuela Bolla on a project that aimed to provide a new clocktower to the town of Nole Canavese. The community was deeply affected by the collapse of the previous tower during a severe weather event, and we were tasked with designing a new tower that honored the town’s history while embracing contemporary design elements.

Our design involved constructing a tower of equal height and size to the previous one, composed of vertical blades of corten steel that gradually thin towards the top, culminating in a panoramic glass box at its peak. We also developed a plan for the square in front of the church, which included corten trees adorned with Canadian ivy, offering visitors unique seating points that changed color with the seasons.

Our project was published in the book “Campane a Festa” and was awarded third place in the architectural design ideas competition for the clocktower’s rebuilding, a testament to our team’s innovation and creativity.


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